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Q. What safety products does Terumo have now?
A. Terumo has a full line of Safety needles and syringes, sold under the SurGuard® brand name. These are available as safety needles or as "combos" which are syringe & needle combinations. We offer a full line of sizes and needle gauges.

Terumo also offers the Surshield® Safety Winged Blood collection set and Safety Winged Infusion sets. You can read more about these products under the "Infusion Application and or Blood Collection" section of our website.

To purchase these products, or learn more, please contact any of our authorized Terumo distributors.
If you would like to learn more about SurGuard2® needle protection system, please fill out the "Contact Us" form.

Q. Are Terumo needles compatible with other syringe manufacturers' syringes?
A. Terumo needles are compatible with luer lock and luer slip syringes that conform to ISO 594, ISO/ANSI fittings.

Surshield® Blood Collection & Infusion

Q. Are your winged infusion and blood collection sets latex free?
A. Yes, all winged infusion and blood collection sets are latex free.

Q. What does Terumo offer in safety products?
A. Terumo currently offers the Surshield® Safety Winged Infusion Set and Surshield® Safety Blood Collection Set. Both products offer a built-in safety device, which ensures compliance with the latest OSHA regulations. They are designed to be activated with one-hand, for maximum convenience for healthcare workers.

Q. Do you have a winged sampling set for blood collection?
A. Yes, the Surshield® Safety Winged Blood Collection Set is available in 21G, 23G and 25G.

Q. Does the TERUMO® Luer Adapter (1XX*MN2000T) fit with a competitive butterfly and tube holder? A. The TERUMO® Luer Adapter (1XX*MN2000T) is compatible with devices that conform to ISO 594, ISO/ANSI fittings and all standard tube holders.

CapiJect® Capillary Blood Collection

What volume of blood can be collected in CapiJect® Capillary Blood Collection Tubes?
• The gray color-coded CapiJect Tube, catalog Number T-MPS has a fill volume of 250 µl.
• The fill volume for all other CapiJect Tubes is 500 µl.

Is there a specific order for drawing blood into CapiJect Capillary Blood Collection Tubes?
Yes, always fill the EDTA CapiJect Tube first when more than one CapiJect Tube is obtained. Fill other additive tubes second and all serum tubes third.

How long should I wait for the serum CapiJect® Capillary Blood Collection Tubes to clot?
• Gel Tubes require a minimum of 20 minutes to clot before centrifugation.
• Non-Gel tubes require a minimum of 30 minutes to clot before centrifugation and need to be
   processed immediately after centrifugation.

How do I process CapiJect Capillary Blood Collection Tubes?
Centrifugation Process
• CapiJect Tubes can be processed in a micro-centrifuge
• If using a regular size centrifuge, place the CapiJect Tubes into a larger 16 mm
   blood collection tube or a 13 mm culture or transfer tube

Centrifugation Times
• Both serum and plasma CapiJect Tubes must be centrifuged at a minimum
   relative centrifugal force (RCF) of 1200G for 10 minutes or 3500G for 90 seconds.

EDTA CapiJect Tubes
• Should be processed within 4 hours of collection.

Are CapiJect Capillary Blood Collection Tubes certified for lead testing?
Yes, several CapiJect Tubes are tested for lead content on a continual basis using Heated Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy. They are as follows;

Catalog Number Color Code Additive
T-MG Cherry Red Gel barrier with clot activator (silica particles & inert gel)
T-MQK Lavender K2-EDTA (0.78 mg)
T-M Brick Red No Additive/Clot Tube T-MLH Green Lithium Heparin (12.5 IU)
T-MLH Green Lithium Heparin (12.5 IU)
T-MLHG Mint Green Lithium Heparin with Gel (12.5 IU)
T-MLHGA Mint Green Amber Tube with Lithium Heparin and Gel barrier
T-MPS Gray Sodium Fluoride (0.72 mg) Potassium Oxalate (0.58 mg)
T-MGA Gold Amber-Colored Gel Barrier, ideal for bilirubin testing

What is the shelf-life of CapiJect Capillary Blood Collection Tubes?
• The shelf-life of CapiJect Tubes is two years from the date of manufacturing.
• Expiration dates are printed on each tube.

Are CapiJect Blood Collection Tubes Sterile or Non-Sterile?
CapiJect Tubes are Non-Sterile.

What storage conditions are recommended for CapiJect Capillary Blood Collection Tubes?
Store CapiJect Tubes between 15 to 30°C.

How are CapiJect Capillary Blood Collection Tubes packaged?
Fifty CapiJect Tubes are packaged per bag, with 5 bags per box (250 pieces) and 4 boxes per case, for a total of 1,000 pieces.

Are Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) available for CapiJect Capillary Blood Collection Tubes?
According to 29 CFR § § 1910.1200 (c), and 1910.1200 (b) (5) (iii), CapiJect Tubes meet the definition of "articles" and are exempt from the provision of the Hazards Communication Standard. Additionally, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), medical devices, when labeled pursuant to the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, are exempt from this requirement. Please click here for a letter documenting this information.

Can CapiJect Capillary Blood Collection Tubes be purchased directly from Terumo Medical Corporation?
Yes, Terumo Medical Corporation sells CapiJect Tubes direct provided orders are placed for full cases and appropriate credit is established. However, Terumo Medical Corporation prefers to sell CapiJect Tubes through authorized distributors. Please click here for a complete list of authorized distributors.

Please click here for Distributors' contact information.


Q. Are the Sur-Vet® products manufactured the same as the standard products?
A. Yes, they are the same quality products, packaged specifically for the Veterinary market.

Q. Why should I use regular wall needles as opposed to Terumo's thin wall needle?
A. It's purely a preference, but the thickness of the regular wall needle is greater than the thin wall needle which may provide more resistance to bending.


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