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SurFlash® Safety I.V. Catheter

SurFlash® Safety I.V. Catheter

A better experience for clinicians and patients

As the only safety IV catheter with a double-flash feature that verifies both needle and catheter placement, SurFlash® improves first-stick success. SurFlash® catheters reduce needlestick injuries, blood exposure, and cost (because of fewer wasted catheters). With its new pressure rating, proprietary safety valve and bevel-up indicator, SurFlash® has it all!

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Peripheral IV Catheters video.

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SurFlash® Safety

50/box, 4 boxes/case (200)
Product Name Product Code Gauge Length Flow Rate
PSI Available
SurFlash® Safety I.V. Catheter SR*FNP1451 14G 2" 295mL/min  
SR*FNP1651 16G 2" 186mL/min  
SR*FNP1632 16G 1 1/4" 198mL/min  
SR*FNP1832 18G 1 1/4" 100mL/min 325
SR*FNP2025 20G 1" 65mL/min 325
SR*FNP2032 20G 1 1/4" 60mL/min 325
SR*FNP2225 22G 1" 35mL/min 325
SR*FNP2232 22G 1 1/4" 30mL/min 325
SR*FNP2419 24G 3/4" 15mL/min  
SurFlash® Plus Safety I.V. Catheter Blood Control Valve SR*FVP1832 18G 1 1/4" 100mL/min 325
SR*FVP2025 20G 1" 65mL/min 325
SR*FVP2032 20G 1 1/4" 60mL/min 325
SR*FVP2225 22G 1" 35mL/min 325
SR*FVP2232 22G 1 1/4" 30mL/min 325
SR*FVP2419 24G 3/4" 15mL/min  
= Available in US.
= Available in Canada.
= Available in US and Canada.