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IV Catheters & Accessories

IV Catheters & Accessories

SurFlash® Safety I.V. Catheter

A better experience for you and your patients

As the only safety IV catheter with a double-flash feature that verifies both needle and catheter placement, SurFlash® improves first-stick success. And that's critical. Because according to a recent survey, nearly all nurses agree that a successful first stick is very important for their patients' satisfaction (98%)- and their own (96%). But that's only part of the story... SurFlash® catheters reduce needlestick injuries, blood exposure, and cost (because of fewer wasted catheters). And now, with its new pressure rating and bevel-up indicator, SurFlash® has it all!

SURFLO® ETFE I.V. Catheters

An ultra-sharp double-bevel introducer needle plus a medical grade lubricant allow for easier penetration and smoother travel through tissue.

  • Preview chamber in clear sure-grip hub gives immediate indication of proper placement.
  • Safe, easy-to-handle, tamper-evident packaging make SURFLO® I.V. Catheters a great clinical value.

SurFlash® Polyurethane I.V. Catheters

In addition to all the Surflo product features, SurFlash provides visual confirmation of catheter placement during venipuncture by using a unique grooved needle.

  • Polyurethane material makes the catheter extremely flexible, kink-resistant and durable.
  • Unique flashback feature provides medical staff with higher certainty of catheter placement.
  • Improves visualization for difficult venipunctures.