Ongoing Shipping Delays by FedEx Continue to Impact Terumo Product Shipments, Resolution Plans in Process

Update: As of March 2, 2021 – Terumo has experienced continued shipment delays via FedEx resulting from the extreme winter weather conditions across the United States. These winter storms disrupted the entire FedEx supply chain network, with the most severe impact at their primary air hub in Memphis, TN.

Due to government-declared states of emergency, all airports, highways and roads were shut down, classified as unsafe and inaccessible due to lack of winter weather infrastructure. Additionally, FedEx suspended all inbound and outbound shipments within the area. These conditions significantly limited shipment volumes through their hub from all customers, including Terumo.

Terumo’s Memphis area Distribution Center was able to rapidly recover, resuming full operations and clearing our order backlog by March 1. However, with FedEx as our primary transportation partner, our shipments through the Memphis hub have been constrained. FedEx’s recovery efforts across the country are improving day-by-day. They are now accepting additional shipment volume into their system, with commitments to clearing Terumo’s backlog by March 5. This page will be updated as new information is known. We appreciate your patience and understanding, and Customer Service is available to answer any outstanding questions


  • SurGuard® 3 image


    With three ways to activate and a broader range of sizes than most other brands, SurGuard®3 is the industry's most adaptable safety needle.

  • SUR-VET®

    At Terumo, our line of veterinary products are bred for performance and designed to exceed the healthcare needs of pets, and the expectations of both clients and modern veterinary practices.

  • Surshield™ Safety Winged Blood Collection Sets image

    Surshield™ Safety Winged Blood Collection Sets

    Terumo's SurShield™ Safety Winged Blood Collection Sets with one-handed activation provides a solution with a cost-effective, easy to use design.

  • SURFLO® Winged Infusion Sets image

    SurFlo® Winged Infusion Sets

    SURFLO® winged infusion sets feature a precisely honed needle with an ultra-thin wall design, ensuring easy penetration and continued access with a single insertion.

  • SurFlash® Polyurethane I.V. Catheters image

    SurFlash® Polyurethane I.V. Catheters

    With SurFlash®, a quick and easy visual confirmation of catheter placement occurs with a unique flashback feature.

  • CAPIJECT® Safety Lancets

    High quality, single-use lancets offer the form, fit and function you can rely on.